Experience Counts
Rita Keller, an award-winning and widely respected voice to CPA firm management, is uniquely positioned to help CPAs face rapid and significant change.


Rita Keller, President and Founder of Keller Advisors, LLCRita Keller works with CPA firm leaders.  She is a management consultant who helps CPA firms become healthy on the inside.  After all, if you are not healthy on the inside, what do you look like on the outside?

The next time you have a terrible cold or the flu (or, for some, a hangover) – look at yourself in the mirror.  That’s how you look on the outside when you are not healthy on the inside!  Do you want your clients and prospects to see your firm looking like that?


Rita can be called a coach, mentor, expert, advisor, consultant or whatever words you might want to use for a mature, experienced, seasoned professional who enjoys helping others.  (Those are nice words for a smart, older lady who has been around a while.) 

She has over 30 years experience in professional, CPA firm management. Not law firm management, medical office management, engineering firm management or the like.  While her skills could certainly be applied to most professional service firms, she knows YOUR business and CPA firm management is her passion.


  • Is your firm at a crossroads or stuck on a plateau?
  • Are you concerned about how to position your firm to be a winner coming out of the current recession?
  • Do you have a partner planning retreat each year and talk about nearly all of the same topics again and again?
  • Have you learned great ideas, policies and processes at CPA management conferences or from your peers in your state society or firm association but are not using them in your own firm?
  • Is it because you never seem to have time to spend on investigation and implementation?
  • Do your partners participate in open and honest discussion about their future, the firm’s future and what all of you together are going to do about it?
  • Or, do they simply look at their lap when tough topics are aired?
  • Do you look at benchmarking surveys, realize your firm should be doing a whole lot better, but never zero in on what and how to make your numbers look better?
  • Do your managers REALLY manage, coach and push your young accountants forward in their careers?
  • Do you have too many whiners at your firm and, if so, do you know exactly what they are whining about and why?  Would you do something about it you knew?
  • Are your young people uninspired about passing the CPA exam?
  • Are you a totally digital (paperless) firm?
  • Are you moving your technology to The Cloud?
  • Are all of your professionals benefiting from monthly marketing/practice development meetings?
  • Are all of your professionals using monthly marketing reports to document their activities and efforts?
  • Are you worried about client retention?
  • Have you made exceptional client service the top priority and actually fun for your team?

You probably get the message and could add about fifty more!  However, Rita’s favorite question for current managing partners, future managing partners, firm administrators and all CPA practitioners is:  Is your firm healthy on the inside?


Rita calls herself an advisor, however, when you work with her you get more than just advice.

You get someone:

  • Who brings the most current trends in the profession to your firm.
  • Who is able to provide you with many fully developed processes, procedures and systems that can be modified to fit your firm.  You do not have to recreate the wheel.
  • Who can help you actually implement quickly!
  • Who is able to develop new policies and initiatives, specifically for your firm.
  • Who establishes an Action Plan for firm management and holds them accountable.
  • Who applies constant, gentle pressure so you keep your commitments.
  • Who can be a sounding-board for the sole practitioner.
  • Who talks with you and assists you every month to continually move the Action Plan forward.
  • Who can help you improve your numbers.
  • Who can help you position your firm to be acquired.
  • Who can help you merge-in another practice.
  • Who genuinely cares about your success.  You can read the comments, “What People Are Saying” on my website.
  • Who is not solely focused on large firms.
  • Who enjoys working with mid- and small-size firms.  Most of my clients fit this category.
  • Who has not only worked inside a growing regional, multi-office firm that grew from 14 people to over 120 people, but has also consulted with CPA firms across the country for the last 15 years.
  • Who is a resource for the AICPA, helping to develop their Human Capital Center and is past-Chair and current member of The Practitioners Symposium Planning Committee, one of the Institute’s most successful conferences.
  • Who is one of the most influential people in the accounting profession (per Accounting Today).


  • A face-to-face planning/mentoring/advisory day is the absolute best way to begin.
  • Often it is an entire partner group in a retreat format, but it doesn’t have to be.
  • Together, you will explore what you have done, what you are doing and what you are planning to do.
  • Then you will develop a leadership/management Action Plan for you (MP, Incoming MP and/or FA) and the firm.
  • You have a telephone coaching session with Rita each month or each quarter to keep the Action Plan moving along.  It evolves and changes as things actually begin to happen!
  • You benefit from Rita’s past experience and her vast library of resources, sample policies and procedures so that you do not have to re-create the wheel.
  • You enjoy the ability for quicker implementation of some of the newest trends in the CPA profession.


Become an efficient, growth oriented, forward-thinking firm that banishes complacency and embraces change.  Show your team that they have a leader who can make quick decisions and focus on the future, not the past.

Do you feel like good enough is good enough?  Wouldn’t you rather put the creative minds in your firm into innovation, rather than stagnation? 

Contact Rita by phone or email or fill-out the online form.
Mobile:  937 608 0202


You can hear Rita in person at these upcoming events:

June 10, 2014
AICPA PractitionersTECH Symposium
Las Vegas

June 19, 2014
AAA National Practice Management Conference
San Diego

June 21, 2014
CPA Marketing Genius Super Conference 2014

June 27, 2014
Missouri Society Summer Accounting Show
St. Louis

August 21, 2014
Michigan Small Firm Practitioners Conference
Mt. Pleasant

October 16, 2014
Michigan AAA & Michigan Association

November 20, 2014
AAA DC/Baltimore Chapters
Washington, DC

January 29, 2015
Winning Is Everything Conference
Las Vegas

April 23-24, 2015
PracticeWise Conference

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