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2014 Archives

December 2014
Keeping Top Talent By Training Your Clients
CPA Firm Partners - Don't Skip Out On The Holiday Party
Special News To Share

October 2014
The Solution to Constant Interruptions
What It Really Means To Be A One-Firm Firm
This & That About Rita Keller

August 2014
What Is Your CPA Firm REALLY All About?
Insights From Krista McMasters
Here's How I Work With CPA Firms

June 2014
Would They Miss You If You Were Gone?
Help Your Firm's Managers Be Better Bosses
MAP Talk with Rita Keller

April 2014
The 7 Habits With A CPA Twist - First Article
The 7 Habits of Highly Emotionally Intelligent People
It's So Much More Effective When Everyone Hears The Message

March 2014
Partners and Managers Clinging to Work
What Really Matters Inside Your CPA Firm?
Book Rita Keller For Your Next Firm Association Meeting or Your Annual Firm Retreat

January 2014
In Baseball If The Team Does Poorly Who Gets Fired?
First Step Towards Staff Retention
Important Opportunity For Your HR Professional To Build A Network

2013 Archives
December 2013
Phone Calls - New Thoughts For An Old Problem
Too Busy! - - Oh, Yeah? Are You Addicted to Busyness?
Rita Is Thinking GRAND Thoughts For 2014

October 2013
Talent Analytics - A Growing Trend
You Are Running A Business - Manage Your Accounts Receivable
Yes! I Work Directly With Firms.

September 2013
A Couple of Practice Management Observations - September 2013
It's Your Firm - Are You Listening?
2013 Top 100 Most Influential People In Accounting

August 2013
Do the 20-Somethings Inside Your CPA Firm Get-It?
Stand Out As A Great Performer
SurveyCPA - Today's Workforce Wants To Be Included

July 2013
Be Ready To Describe Your Culture
The Big Issue
Offering Hope

June 2013
Is Your Firm Future Ready?
Don't Be Bullied By Your Clients
Book Rita Keller For Your Next Firm Association Meeting or Your State of The Firm Event

May 2013
Performance Feedback - Don't Take The Path Of Least Resistance
Female AND Male Accountants Need A Flexibility Initiative
SurveyCPA - Answers For The Accounting Profession
Take This 2-Minute Survey

April 2013
Another Retreat? Don't Revisit the Mission Statement.
What I Am Hearing "Out There"
Just One Day Can Make A Difference
Less Than 2 Minutes With Rita - The Partner Pyramid

March 2013
Firm Leaders - Are You Open, Generous and Connected?
Mean, Nice, Strict or Wimpy?

February 2013
Clearly Define Your Marketing Role Before You Hire
Spend Three Minutes With Rita Keller

January 2013
Additional Services Season
Look For The Helpers
Rita Dares You To Have A Successful 2013

2012 Archives

December 2012
The Bottom 20 Percent
Client Service Must Be The Foundation of a CPA Firm
Tidbits For December

November 2012
Don't Box Your People In
The CPA Firm Internal Management Team

October 2012
New Service from Rita Keller - SurveyCPA - Answers for the Accounting Profession
What Are They Really Thinking?

September 2012
Life In The "No Boss" World
No Time To Read?

August 2012
The Power of Asking Questions and Listening
Are You An Original Or A Copy?

July 2012
Accountants Acknowledge The Most Common Management Mistake
Stop Being Late

June 2012
They Can't Buy Your Spirit
People Who Make You What You Are

May 2012
Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication & Division
Same People On The Same Engagements Year After Year

April 2012
Accounting Profession Rebels
Observations on Complacency

March 2012
Use It Or Lose It - Confrontation Inside Your Accounting Firm
Focus On The Firm Administrator

February 2012
Surroundings Really Do Matter
Women and Communication

January 2012
It All Begins "At Home" - Developing Future Leaders
Did Your Firm Lose a Superstar in 2011?


Do You Have The Passion?
I do. I can recognize it in the CPA partners, firm administrators, HR directors, marketing directors and team members when I first meet them. Can't you?
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Your Firm's Compensation System
At almost every MAP conference I attend or firm association meeting where firm leaders are gathered, the topic of compensation comes up. The group asks questions of each other like this: How do you do partner comp? How does your firm do staff comp? What are you paying seniors? What are you paying managers? Is it a point system? How do you determine bonuses?
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Keller Named To Top 100
You might think that being named to "some" list really isn't a big deal and the people who "make it" actually accept it with mild acknowledgement. For this lady, that could not be farther from the truth.
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Journal of Accountancy Article by Rita Keller
Want to read more about mentoring and coaching in a CPA firm and how they both are important? Check out the August issue of the Journal of Accountancy - Page 77.
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